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Images of Galapagos

Sub-series consists of material related to Images of Galapagos, a documentary produced for the CBC in 1983. Produced by KEG in association with CFCN-TV Calgary. Cinematography and writing by John Wilson, with assistant Janet Jahoda Rogers. Features naturalist and photographer Tui De Roy Moore. Narrated by Laurie Waller.

Stephen Ellis

Ingmar Bergman Features

Sub-series consists of material related to Ingmar Bergman films distributed by Ralph and Stephen Ellis. Material is predominantly release prints on 16mm, likely struck for television distribution, in dubbed and subtitled versions. See item-level description for further details.

Titles in the sub-series include:
A Lesson In Love (1954)
All These Women (1964)
Brink of Life (1958)
Dreams (1955)
Port of Call (1948)
Sawdust and Tinsel = The Naked Night (1953)
Secrets of Women (1952)
Smiles of a Summer Night (1955)
Summer Interlude = Illicit Interlude (1951)
Summer with Monika (1953)
The Devil’s Eye (1960)
The Magician (1958)
The Seventh Seal (1957)
The Silence (1963)
The Virgin Spring (1960)
Three Strange Loves = Thirst (1949)
Through a Glass Darkly (1961)
To Joy (1950)
Torment (1944)
Wild Strawberries (1957)
Winter Light (1963

Stephen Ellis

Lafarge Lake

The file consists of prints and mock-ups of works depicting Lafarge Lake.

Laurence Olivier Presents: The Best Play of the Year 19--

Sub-series consists of material related to Laurence Olivier Presents: The Best Play of the Year 19--, a British television series produced by Granada Television presenting televised theatre (1976-1978).

Plays in the series include:
Cat On A Hot Tin Roof (1976, Robert Moore)
Come Back, Little Sheba (1977, Silvio Narizzano)

Stephen Ellis

Matt & Jenny

Sub-series consists of materials related to the television program Matt & Jenny (French title Les routes de l'amitié). The series premiered on Global on October 21, 1979 and ran for 26 half-hour episodes. Starring Derrick Jones, Megan Follows, Neil Dainard, and Duncan Regehr, the program followed two orphan children from Bristol traveling across Canada in 1850 searching for their uncle. Guest stars include: Sharon Acker, Michael Ansara, Henry Beckman, Victor Buono, Chief Dan George, Peter Graves, Noel Harrison, John Ireland, Dina Merrill, Cameron Mitchell, Barry Morse, Nehemiah Persoff, Julie Sommars, Linda Thorson, Richard Todd, Chris Wiggins, and Kennan Wynn. Matt and Jenny was produced by Manitou Productions in association with Polytel Films and the Global Television Network. William Davison was the producer, and Ralph C. Ellis was the executive producer. Episode directors include Joseph Scanlan, Rene Bonniere, Francis Chapman, and William Davidson. Sub-series includes sound elements, title elements, and promotional materials (including a “making of” featurette).

Sub-series includes the following titles:
Search for a New Home
Thunder & Lightning Birds
The Bellinis
The Long Return
Whirlwind Voice
Test for the Tanners
A Call to Arms
Devil's Gorge
The Mast
Fiddle Joe & the Devil Himself
The School Teacher
Barnabas Bletcher
Wolf Howl at Kennebec Cliff
Ceremony at Whispering Pines
Wilderness Photographer
Sport of Kings
Skiba the Bear
Harry Alfred Teasdale Rides Again (Part 1)
Harry Alfred Teasdale Rides Again (Part 2)
Frontier Justice
A Woman's Place
The Actress
Mystery of the Pikes
The Highlanders
Wagon Train West
The Ghost of Pocomoonshine Swamp

Stephen Ellis

Mother Nature

Sub-series consists of one episode of the television series Mother Nature. Produced by Ralph C. Ellis and Kip Spidell, with Stephen Ellis as Executive Producer. Mother Nature was made in association with TLC and CFCN Television. Series 1 ran for 14 episodes in 1992. A second series of 28 episodes ran in 1997.
Titles in the sub-series include:
Tales of the Hawk

Stephen Ellis

"MZ 반응 이렇게 뜨거울 줄은"…비치코밍·플로깅 마케팅이 뜬다 [이미영의 트렌드 톡톡]

2022년 8월 19일 한경라이프 이미영 기자가 작성한 기사이다. 기후변화로 인해 친환경 소비에 대한 관심이 높아지는 흐름 속에서 소비 활동을 타인과 공유함으로써 자신의 신념을 드러내는 데 거리낌이 없는 MZ세대를 겨냥한 친환경 참여형 마케팅이 증가하고 있다고 밝히며 그 예로 제일기획의 '씨낵 캠페인'과 롯데백화점의 '비치코밍'을 소개하고 있다. 비치코밍은 바다에서 쓰레기를 줍는 플로깅의 다른 종류이다.
제일 기획의 씨낵 캠페인은 해안가에 설치한 비치코밍 트럭에서 환경정화 도구를 빌려주고 수거해온 쓰레기를 무게에 따라 바다 관련 스낵으로 교환해주었다. 롯데백화점의 비치코밍은 서피비치를 찾은 사람들이 바닷가 쓰레기 줍기에 참여할 수 있게 필요한 장비를 대여해주거나 증정했다. 참여자들이 수거한 쓰레기량에 따라 포인트를 지급받았는데, 포인트로는 현장에 비치된 닥터노아 디얼어스 동구밭 등 친환경 브랜드 제품과 교환할 수 있었다. 이 외에도 블랙야크는 등산하면서 쓰레기를 줍는 ‘그린야크 챌린지’ 를 진행했으며 코오롱 스포츠는 서울 도심을 달리며 쓰레기를 줍는 ‘쓰담쓰담 솟솟’ 활동을 진행할 예정이라고 밝혔다. 대한상공회의소가 진행한 ‘MZ세대가 바라보는 ESG경영과 기업의 역할’ 설문 결과 응답자의 64.5%가 비싸더라도 ESG 실천기업의 제품을 구매할 의사가 있다고 한다. 이에 고려대 이재혁 ESG연구센터장은 “가성비보다 가심비를 따지는 MZ세대가 주 소비층으로 떠오르면서 비슷한 품질이라면 ESG를 실천하는지가 구매 기준이 되는 등 자신의 신념에 맞는 소비가 확산되고 있다”고 말했다. MZ세대들은 브랜드 파워 못지않게 친환경적 요소가 소비 결정에 주요 요인으로 작용하고 있음을 이야기하고 있다.


Operations support and supervision

The operations support and supervision series consists of records relating to Garcia de Truslow's work in the Latin America and Caribbean regional vice presidency between 1981 and 1987 as an Urban Planner and between 1990 and 1998 as Senior Projects Officer. The series includes records relating to both project support and to sectoral and country research and planning. Records relate to work in countries throughout South and Central America including Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, and Uruguay. Of these, Argentina and Panama are represented the most.

Series consists of records maintained by Garcia de Truslow relating to specific projects. Garcia de Truslow maintained her own binders of records on projects that she was involved in and these are contained in this series. Projects that are represented most abundantly include: Bolivia - Urban Development Project (P006132) Dominican Republic - Project for the Institutional Development of the Municipality of Santo Domingo (P006993) Argentina - Yacyreta Hydroelectric Project (P005937) Ecuador - Mining Development and Environmental Control Technical Assistance Project (P007129) Argentina - Mining Sector Development Technical Assistance (P006055) and Panama - Colon Urban Development Project (P007810) Project records include: copies of official loan documents (including drafts); project briefs (including revisions); back-to-office reports;internal memoranda; correspondence with external parties, including government officials; Terms of Reference; mission notes, itineraries, and other records collected while on mission; project status reports; newspaper clippings; environmental assessment reports; and aide memoires.

Country operation records are also included in this series. These records relate to project identification and preparedness, mission travel, and the preparation of Country Economic Memoranda (CEM) and other papers. In some instances, country operation files include records related to ongoing projects for which Garcia de Truslow provided support. Research and reference materials are also included. Note that country operation records from the 1980s were created and collected during Garcia de Truslow's time as an Urban Planner and, as such, records related to urban planning and housing are numerous. Many of the country operation records were contained in black binders. Record types include: country and country sector reports; investment reviews; aide memoires; back-to-office reports; correspondence between Garcia de Truslow and parties external to the Bank including country officials; Terms of Reference; project briefs; and Bank- and external-authored reports related to the country's economic development and lending operations.

The operations support and supervision series also contains country-focused subject files. The majority of the country subject files are general in nature. A small number relate to the specific sector of a given South or Central American country, such as science and technology or urban development. Country subject files contain small amounts of internal memoranda related to project support, research, and mission travel. Correspondence with external parties, including country officials, is also included. However, the majority of the country subject files consists of reports, background papers, and reference materials. Some of the reports and papers are drafts that had been sent to Garcia de Truslow for comment.

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