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Audubon Wildlife Theatre

Audubon Wildlife Theatre was produced in partnership with the National Audubon Society of the United States and the Canadian Audubon Society. Airing on CBC from 1968 to 1974, the series of 78 half-hour episodes was produced by Gerald S. Kedey and Dan Gibson. Ralph C. Ellis was the Executive Producer. The premiere episode, Land of the Loon, won the 1967 Canadian Film Award for Best Television Film. Narrated by Bert Devitt.

Episodes include:

Season 1 (1968-69):
Land of the Loon (Dan Gibson)
The Vanishing Sea (Robert Davison)
From the Mountains to the Sea (Wilf Gray)
River of Grass (Robert Hermes)
Wildlife Island (Dan Gibson)
Sea, Ice and Fire (Olin Sewall Pettingill)
They Live By The Water (Jack Carey)
Land of the Sea (Robert Hermes)
Scandinavian Saga (P.B. Johnson)
Wildlife Sanctuaries of India (Jack Carey)
Between the Tides (Robert Hermes)
Adventure High Arctic = The Lure of the Arctic (Edgar Jones)
Venezuelan Prairie (Robert Hermes)
These Things are Ours (Mary J. Dockeray and Walter Berlet)
Alberta Outdoors (Edgar Jones)
Nature’s Ways (William J. Jahoda)
Kenya and Uganda (Edgar Jones)
New England Saga (John D. Bulger)
The Living Wilderness (Walter Berlet)
Land of the Drowned River (Charles Stine)
Delta of the Orinoco (Violet E. Hermes)
Red Deer Valley (Edgar Jones)
Northwest to Alaska (Walter Bertlet)
The World of Bees (Jack Carey)
Waterfowl Wilderness (Dan Gibson)
Hawaii (Walter and Myrna Berlet)
Queen of the Cascades (Ty Hotchkiss)
This England (Chess Lyons)
Promise of Spring (Wilf Gray)
Down South Up the Nile (Bristol Foster)
Wildlands - Our Heritage (Dan Gibson)
Wildlife by Air (Herman Kitchen)
Living Jungle (Violet E. Hermes)
Where Eagles Swim (David Hancock)
Return to Pelican Island (Robert Davidson)
Soliloquy of a River (Robert Davidson)
Wildfowl Sanctuary (William H. Carrack)
A Day In The Desert (Chester Lyons)
Untamed Olympics (Walter Berlet)

Season 2 (1971):
Land of Oriskany
Spring Marsh (Walter Berlet)
Mexico, Land of Contrast (Chester Lyons)
Insect World (Walter Berlet)
Living Mountains = Nature’s Skyscrapers (Walter Berlet)
Beaver Pond (J.E. Swedenberg, C. Scott)
Costa Rica (Jack Carey)
Enduring Wilderness (Chess Lyons)
Sounds of Nature
Awareness for Tomorrow
River Run (Robert Davison)
The Coral World of Bermuda (William J. Jahoda)
Small World (Fran Hall)
Mule Deer Country (Robert Davison)
Around the Bay (George Regensburg)
World of Ants and Aphids (Fran Hall)
Africa’s Curious Naturalists (Bristol Foster)
The Rattlesnake King (J.E. Swedenberg, C. Scott)
High Country (Chess Lyons)
Color It Living (Don Gray)
Land of the Totem Pole (Bristol Foster)
Africa, Cornerstone for Survival (Bristol Foster)

Season 3 (1972):
Kangaroos and Koalas (Harold J. Pollock)
Wapiti (Walter Berlet)
Lands of Two Oceans
Water Birds of Australia (Harold J. Pollock)
Land of Igloolik
Lobster Country (William J. Jahoda)
Micronesia (W. Lukas)
Quebec Spring (Walter Berlet)
West Side Journey (Walter Berlet)
New England Wilderness (J.E. Swedenberg, C. Scott)
Quebec-Iran Adventure (Karl Himmer)
Reptiles - A Misunderstood Species (Norman Lightfoot)
Wanderings of a Naturalist (Gerald Pollock)
A Family in the Wilderness (Ulrich Ganz)
Nesting Time in Southern Ontario (John Bax)
Coyote Country (Robert Davison)
Bermuda: Land and Sea (William J. Jahoda)

In the 1990s, the series was re-released as Wildlife Theatre. At this time, 18 episodes were removed from circulation: A Day In The Desert, Africa, Cornerstone for Survival, Africa’s Curious Naturalists, Alberta Outdoors, Coyote Country, Down South Up the Nile, From the Mountains to the Sea, Kangaroos and Koalas, Kenya and Uganda, Promise of Spring, Quebec-Iran Adventure, Return to Pelican Island, River Run, Scandinavian Saga, Sounds of Nature, Wildfowl Sanctuary, Wildlife Island, and Wildlife Sanctuaries of India.

Stephen Ellis

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이화의 역사(1886-2023), 이화의 인물(메리 F. 스크랜튼, 정인보, 박에스더, 김옥길)을 모은 철


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