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Operations support and supervision

The operations support and supervision series consists of records relating to Garcia de Truslow's work in the Latin America and Caribbean regional vice presidency between 1981 and 1987 as an Urban Planner and between 1990 and 1998 as Senior Projects Officer. The series includes records relating to both project support and to sectoral and country research and planning. Records relate to work in countries throughout South and Central America including Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, and Uruguay. Of these, Argentina and Panama are represented the most.

Series consists of records maintained by Garcia de Truslow relating to specific projects. Garcia de Truslow maintained her own binders of records on projects that she was involved in and these are contained in this series. Projects that are represented most abundantly include: Bolivia - Urban Development Project (P006132) Dominican Republic - Project for the Institutional Development of the Municipality of Santo Domingo (P006993) Argentina - Yacyreta Hydroelectric Project (P005937) Ecuador - Mining Development and Environmental Control Technical Assistance Project (P007129) Argentina - Mining Sector Development Technical Assistance (P006055) and Panama - Colon Urban Development Project (P007810) Project records include: copies of official loan documents (including drafts); project briefs (including revisions); back-to-office reports;internal memoranda; correspondence with external parties, including government officials; Terms of Reference; mission notes, itineraries, and other records collected while on mission; project status reports; newspaper clippings; environmental assessment reports; and aide memoires.

Country operation records are also included in this series. These records relate to project identification and preparedness, mission travel, and the preparation of Country Economic Memoranda (CEM) and other papers. In some instances, country operation files include records related to ongoing projects for which Garcia de Truslow provided support. Research and reference materials are also included. Note that country operation records from the 1980s were created and collected during Garcia de Truslow's time as an Urban Planner and, as such, records related to urban planning and housing are numerous. Many of the country operation records were contained in black binders. Record types include: country and country sector reports; investment reviews; aide memoires; back-to-office reports; correspondence between Garcia de Truslow and parties external to the Bank including country officials; Terms of Reference; project briefs; and Bank- and external-authored reports related to the country's economic development and lending operations.

The operations support and supervision series also contains country-focused subject files. The majority of the country subject files are general in nature. A small number relate to the specific sector of a given South or Central American country, such as science and technology or urban development. Country subject files contain small amounts of internal memoranda related to project support, research, and mission travel. Correspondence with external parties, including country officials, is also included. However, the majority of the country subject files consists of reports, background papers, and reference materials. Some of the reports and papers are drafts that had been sent to Garcia de Truslow for comment.

Ralph Ellis Estate

Series contains material related to the following titles:
An Evening With The Royal Ballet (1963, Anthony Havelock-Allan, Anthony Asquith, UK)
Cry of the Wild (1972, Bill Mason, Canada)

Series includes the following Sub-Series:
01.01: To The Wild Country

Stephen Ellis

Reference files and training materials

Series consists of reference materials maintained by Garcia de Truslow during her employment at the World Bank. Included are: administrative manual statements; addresses by World Bank presidents; government directors; accounting handbooks; and World Bank publications including World's Word and Development.

Series also consists of training materials Garcia de Truslow collected during her employment at the World Bank. Training was provided by the Personnel Management Department's Staff Training Division. Training topics include: Land Information Systems; Project Economic Appraisal; Basic Procurement; Cofinancing Policies and Procedures; Private Sector Assessment; and Macroeconomics. Training materials from sessions on banking and financial management provided by the Economic Development Institute (EDI, later the World Bank Institute [EDI]) are also included.

Stellis Media Inc.

Series contains materials related to Wings In The Wilderness (1975). 90-minute feature. Directed by Robert Ryan. Executive Producer Ralph C. Ellis. Narrated by Lorne Greene. Winner of Best Sound Recording in a Non-theatrical Film at the 1975 Canadian Film Awards. Original synopsis from Ellis Enterprises is available electronically. The same story was used previously as the basis for the 1971 CBC television special Dan Gibson’s Nature Family.

Series includes the following Sub-Series:
02.01 Audubon Wildlife Theatre
02.02 Wildlife Cinema
02.03 Ecology

Stephen Ellis

Stephen Ellis

Series includes material related to Now That April’s Here, a 1958 Canadian feature-film directed by William Davidson (later producer of Adventures in Rainbow Country and Matt & Jenny). The project was an early attempt to start a feature-film industry in Toronto independent of the CBC and NFB. Based on work by Morley Callaghan, shot on the streets of Toronto, and narrated by Raymond Massey. Criticized in Variety for its “amateur acting standards and limited prospect,” the film was a financial failure.

Series also contains material related to the following unproduced KEG projects:
Mayor of Utt
Rusty The Red Squirrel
Living Wild

Series includes the following Sub-Series:
03.01 Wild Canada
03.02 Profiles of Nature
03.03 Matt & Jenny
03.04 Adventures in Rainbow County
03.05 Fishing In Northern Ontario
03.06 The Baby Human
03.07 Mother Nature
03.08 Wild Guess
03.09 Tales of the Unexpected
03.10 Ingmar Bergman Features
03.11 Distribution Features
03.12 World of Survival = Survival
03.13 Sports Miniatures
03.14 Thin Ice / Survival
03.15 Laurence Olivier Presents: The Best Play of the Year 19--
03.16 Dan Gibson’s Nature Family
03.17 The Man Who Loved Birds
03.18 Images of Galapagos
03.19 The Tube

Stephen Ellis

Strategic Planning and Review Department (SPR) records

Series consists of records related to Garcia de Truslow's activities in the Strategic Planning and Review Department's Strategic Planning Division (SPRSP) between 1987 and 1990. As a Planning Officer, Garcia de Truslow contributed to the establishment of the strategic planning process, supported the Strategic Agenda program through analytic work on priority issues, and provided ad hoc support to senior management. She also contributed to the 1987 reorganization process and participated in the Bank's Main Complex renovation.

A number of papers and reports discussing the future of the Bank, including a copy of the Strategic Agenda report, are included. Other reports authored by SPR staff, SPR consultants, and external authors are included. Topics are varied and include: technology and development; public sector reform; private investment; trade; field offices; and employment and macro-economic policies. Budget materials including midyear and retrospective reviews of various Vice Presidencies are included. Records related to the 1987 reorganization include: the General Reorganization Report and other reports; staff announcements; and memoranda. Records relating to facilities management and the rehabilitation of the Bank's Main Complex include: renovation proposals; memoranda; and correspondence related to the architectural design competition.

Series contains a number of subject files containing records collected by Garcia de Truslow during her time in SPRSP. The majority of these records are reports and articles on a disparate range of topics. A small amount of Bank memoranda and Board papers are also included.

SPRSP budgeting and management records are also included in this series as is a chronological file containing incoming and outgoing correspondence related to SPRSP activities. Correspondence is primarily between Garcia de Truslow and parties external to the Bank and relates to a variety of topics relevant to Garcia de Truslow's work in SPRSP as well as to her work in operations.

Subject files

Series contains subject files compiled by Garcia de Truslow over the course of her career at the World Bank. The majority of the records contained in this series span her time in both the Bank's operations complex and the Strategic Planning and Review Department (SPR). Topics include: women in the World Bank; urban development and housing; metrology in South and Central American countries; debt; technology and innovation; women in development; project accounting, disbursement and auditing; market and financial deregulation; small-scale enterprise development; development economics; and the environment. Records include: reports authored by the World Bank and external authors; memoranda on specific topics; newspaper clippings and magazine articles; and conference publications.

Work Depicting Coquitlam

The series consists of prints, mock-ups, and other work commissioned by the City of Coquitlam for various projects.

Work Depicting Other Cities

The series consists of prints and mock-ups created for the City of Burnaby, the City of Richmond, the City of Surrey, the City of Vancouver, and other corporate clients. The series also includes a folder depicting Vancouver that was used by the artist as a promotional tool, as well as the artist's business card.

국내 플로깅 사업 현황

대한민국 안에서 진행되는 플로깅(Plogging), 줍깅 모음으로 국내 플로깅 사업 현황 시리즈이다. 공공기관과 지자체 주도, 기업 주도, 민간 주도 3개의 파일로 구성되어 있다. 공공기관과 지자체와 기업 주도는 각 8개의 아이템으로 구성되어 있으며 민간 주도는 6개의 아이템으로 구성되어 있다. 이미지(JPEG, PNG) 33장과 기사 링크 22건이 포함되어 있다.


국내 플로깅 인식 현황

플로깅 관련 논문과 플로깅 관련 인식조사 언론보도 내역을 모은 시리즈이다. 플로깅 관련 논문, 플로깅 관련 인식조사 및 언론보도내역 2개의 파일로 구성되어 있다. 플로깅 관련 논문은 3개의 아이템으로 구성되어 있으며, 플로깅 관련 인식조사 및 언론보도 내역은 4개의 아이템으로 구성되어 있다. 이미지(JPEG) 2장(367.4kb)과 문서(PDF) 161장(7,429.08kb), 웹 기사 링크 6건이 포함되어 있다.


  • SNU-A Fond1-SbF-01-Col-01-Ser-04
  • Series
  • 1995-00-00
  • Part of 서울대 퐁

제3차 아시아연대회의 관련 도서 및 간행물자료 모음

한국정신대문제대책협의회 등


  • SNU-A Fond1-SbF-01-Col-01-Ser-02
  • Series
  • 1995-00-00
  • Part of 서울대 퐁

제3차 아시아연대회의 관련 문서기록자료 모음

한국정신대문제대책협의회 등


  • SNU-A Fond1-SbF-01-Col-01-Ser-01
  • Series
  • 1995-02-27
  • Part of 서울대 퐁

제3차 아시아연대회의 현장 사진 및 그림자료 모음


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