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Adventures in Rainbow County

Sub-series consists of material related to the television program Adventures in Rainbow County. The series premiered on the CBC on September 20, 1970 and ran for 26 episodes. Starring Lois Maxwell, the program largely followed the adventures in Northern Ontario of her son Billy Williams (Stephen Cotter) and his Ojibway friend Pete Gawa (Buckley Petawabano). Filmed on-location in Whitefish Falls and on Birch Island, the series was produced by Manitou Productions in association with CBC and ABC Australia, with William Davidson as producer and Ralph C. Ellis as Executive Producer. The program filled a niche of “high-quality children’s programming” for domestic and international audiences.

Titles in the sub-series include:
La Chute
The Tower
The Frank Williams File
The Kid from Spanish Harlem
Panic in the Bush
Long Tough Race
The Town That Died
Eye of the Needle
Girl on a Tightrope
The Return of Eli Rocque
Roar of the Hornet
Lac du Diable
The Muskies Are Losing Their Teeth
Milk Run
Wall of Silence
Where the Rice Grows
The Birdwatchers
The Boy Who Loved Animals
Mystery at Whaleback Bay
Night Caller
Lake on Blue Mountain
Stolen Tugboat
The Hermit
Pursuit Along the Aux Sables
Dreamer's Rock

Stephen Ellis

Audubon Wildlife Theatre

Audubon Wildlife Theatre was produced in partnership with the National Audubon Society of the United States and the Canadian Audubon Society. Airing on CBC from 1968 to 1974, the series of 78 half-hour episodes was produced by Gerald S. Kedey and Dan Gibson. Ralph C. Ellis was the Executive Producer. The premiere episode, Land of the Loon, won the 1967 Canadian Film Award for Best Television Film. Narrated by Bert Devitt.

Episodes include:

Season 1 (1968-69):
Land of the Loon (Dan Gibson)
The Vanishing Sea (Robert Davison)
From the Mountains to the Sea (Wilf Gray)
River of Grass (Robert Hermes)
Wildlife Island (Dan Gibson)
Sea, Ice and Fire (Olin Sewall Pettingill)
They Live By The Water (Jack Carey)
Land of the Sea (Robert Hermes)
Scandinavian Saga (P.B. Johnson)
Wildlife Sanctuaries of India (Jack Carey)
Between the Tides (Robert Hermes)
Adventure High Arctic = The Lure of the Arctic (Edgar Jones)
Venezuelan Prairie (Robert Hermes)
These Things are Ours (Mary J. Dockeray and Walter Berlet)
Alberta Outdoors (Edgar Jones)
Nature’s Ways (William J. Jahoda)
Kenya and Uganda (Edgar Jones)
New England Saga (John D. Bulger)
The Living Wilderness (Walter Berlet)
Land of the Drowned River (Charles Stine)
Delta of the Orinoco (Violet E. Hermes)
Red Deer Valley (Edgar Jones)
Northwest to Alaska (Walter Bertlet)
The World of Bees (Jack Carey)
Waterfowl Wilderness (Dan Gibson)
Hawaii (Walter and Myrna Berlet)
Queen of the Cascades (Ty Hotchkiss)
This England (Chess Lyons)
Promise of Spring (Wilf Gray)
Down South Up the Nile (Bristol Foster)
Wildlands - Our Heritage (Dan Gibson)
Wildlife by Air (Herman Kitchen)
Living Jungle (Violet E. Hermes)
Where Eagles Swim (David Hancock)
Return to Pelican Island (Robert Davidson)
Soliloquy of a River (Robert Davidson)
Wildfowl Sanctuary (William H. Carrack)
A Day In The Desert (Chester Lyons)
Untamed Olympics (Walter Berlet)

Season 2 (1971):
Land of Oriskany
Spring Marsh (Walter Berlet)
Mexico, Land of Contrast (Chester Lyons)
Insect World (Walter Berlet)
Living Mountains = Nature’s Skyscrapers (Walter Berlet)
Beaver Pond (J.E. Swedenberg, C. Scott)
Costa Rica (Jack Carey)
Enduring Wilderness (Chess Lyons)
Sounds of Nature
Awareness for Tomorrow
River Run (Robert Davison)
The Coral World of Bermuda (William J. Jahoda)
Small World (Fran Hall)
Mule Deer Country (Robert Davison)
Around the Bay (George Regensburg)
World of Ants and Aphids (Fran Hall)
Africa’s Curious Naturalists (Bristol Foster)
The Rattlesnake King (J.E. Swedenberg, C. Scott)
High Country (Chess Lyons)
Color It Living (Don Gray)
Land of the Totem Pole (Bristol Foster)
Africa, Cornerstone for Survival (Bristol Foster)

Season 3 (1972):
Kangaroos and Koalas (Harold J. Pollock)
Wapiti (Walter Berlet)
Lands of Two Oceans
Water Birds of Australia (Harold J. Pollock)
Land of Igloolik
Lobster Country (William J. Jahoda)
Micronesia (W. Lukas)
Quebec Spring (Walter Berlet)
West Side Journey (Walter Berlet)
New England Wilderness (J.E. Swedenberg, C. Scott)
Quebec-Iran Adventure (Karl Himmer)
Reptiles - A Misunderstood Species (Norman Lightfoot)
Wanderings of a Naturalist (Gerald Pollock)
A Family in the Wilderness (Ulrich Ganz)
Nesting Time in Southern Ontario (John Bax)
Coyote Country (Robert Davison)
Bermuda: Land and Sea (William J. Jahoda)

In the 1990s, the series was re-released as Wildlife Theatre. At this time, 18 episodes were removed from circulation: A Day In The Desert, Africa, Cornerstone for Survival, Africa’s Curious Naturalists, Alberta Outdoors, Coyote Country, Down South Up the Nile, From the Mountains to the Sea, Kangaroos and Koalas, Kenya and Uganda, Promise of Spring, Quebec-Iran Adventure, Return to Pelican Island, River Run, Scandinavian Saga, Sounds of Nature, Wildfowl Sanctuary, Wildlife Island, and Wildlife Sanctuaries of India.

Stephen Ellis

Dan Gibson’s Nature Family

Sub-series consists of material related to Dan Gibson’s Nature Family, a documentary produced for the CBC. It won Best Wildlife Film at the 1972 Canadian Film Awards. The same story was the basis of the 1977 theatrical film Wings of the Wilderness.

Stephen Ellis

Distribution Features

Sub-series consists of material related to various films distributed by Ralph and Stephen Ellis. Material is predominantly release prints on 16mm, likely struck for television distribution, in dubbed and subtitled versions. See item-level description for further details.

Titles in the sub-series include:
All Risks = This Is Lloyds (1961, Eric Fillilore, UK)
Black Orpheus (1959, Marcel Camus, Brazil, France, Italy)
Bulldog Drummond Comes Back (1937, Louis King, USA)
Chimes at Midnight (1966, Orson Welles, Spain, Switzerland)
Colette (1972, Édouard Berne, France)
Fires on the Plain (1959, Kon Ichikawa, Japan)
Gate of Hell (1953, Teinosuke Kinugasa, Japan)
Golem = Le Golem = The Man of Stone (1936, Julien Duvivier, Czechoslovakia)
Jules and Jim (1962, François Truffaut, France)
L’Avventura (1960, Michelangelo Antonioni, Italy)
M (1931, Fritz Lang, Germany)
Marcel Proust (1972, Édouard Berne, France)
Miss Julie (1951, Alf Sjöberg, Sweden)
My Home Is Copacabana (1965, Arne Sucksdorff, Sweden)
Rashomon (1950, Akira Kurosawa, Japan)
Salt of the Earth (1954, Herbert Biberman, USA)
The 400 Blows (1959, François Truffaut, France)
The Plough and the Stars (1937, John Ford, USA)
The Stranger Left No Card (1952, Wendy Toye, UK)
Three Cases of Murder (1955, David Eady, George More O'Ferrall, Wendy Toye, UK)
Ugetsu (1953, Kenji Mizoguchi, Japan)
Witchcraft Through the Ages = Häxan (1968, Benjamin Christensen, Sweden)

Stephen Ellis


Sub-series contains material related to the Ecology series. Material appears to be short films for the education market.

Sub-series includes material related to the following episodes:
Adaptive Radiation
Animals of Coral Reef
Birds Dressed Up For Spring
Coral Reef Ecology
Food Web
The Breeding Season
Wintering Birds

Stephen Ellis

Fishing In Northern Ontario

Sub-series consists of material related to Fishing In Northern Ontario, a sponsored film produced by KEG Productions for the Government of Ontario.

Stephen Ellis

Images of Galapagos

Sub-series consists of material related to Images of Galapagos, a documentary produced for the CBC in 1983. Produced by KEG in association with CFCN-TV Calgary. Cinematography and writing by John Wilson, with assistant Janet Jahoda Rogers. Features naturalist and photographer Tui De Roy Moore. Narrated by Laurie Waller.

Stephen Ellis

Ingmar Bergman Features

Sub-series consists of material related to Ingmar Bergman films distributed by Ralph and Stephen Ellis. Material is predominantly release prints on 16mm, likely struck for television distribution, in dubbed and subtitled versions. See item-level description for further details.

Titles in the sub-series include:
A Lesson In Love (1954)
All These Women (1964)
Brink of Life (1958)
Dreams (1955)
Port of Call (1948)
Sawdust and Tinsel = The Naked Night (1953)
Secrets of Women (1952)
Smiles of a Summer Night (1955)
Summer Interlude = Illicit Interlude (1951)
Summer with Monika (1953)
The Devil’s Eye (1960)
The Magician (1958)
The Seventh Seal (1957)
The Silence (1963)
The Virgin Spring (1960)
Three Strange Loves = Thirst (1949)
Through a Glass Darkly (1961)
To Joy (1950)
Torment (1944)
Wild Strawberries (1957)
Winter Light (1963

Stephen Ellis

Laurence Olivier Presents: The Best Play of the Year 19--

Sub-series consists of material related to Laurence Olivier Presents: The Best Play of the Year 19--, a British television series produced by Granada Television presenting televised theatre (1976-1978).

Plays in the series include:
Cat On A Hot Tin Roof (1976, Robert Moore)
Come Back, Little Sheba (1977, Silvio Narizzano)

Stephen Ellis

Matt & Jenny

Sub-series consists of materials related to the television program Matt & Jenny (French title Les routes de l'amitié). The series premiered on Global on October 21, 1979 and ran for 26 half-hour episodes. Starring Derrick Jones, Megan Follows, Neil Dainard, and Duncan Regehr, the program followed two orphan children from Bristol traveling across Canada in 1850 searching for their uncle. Guest stars include: Sharon Acker, Michael Ansara, Henry Beckman, Victor Buono, Chief Dan George, Peter Graves, Noel Harrison, John Ireland, Dina Merrill, Cameron Mitchell, Barry Morse, Nehemiah Persoff, Julie Sommars, Linda Thorson, Richard Todd, Chris Wiggins, and Kennan Wynn. Matt and Jenny was produced by Manitou Productions in association with Polytel Films and the Global Television Network. William Davison was the producer, and Ralph C. Ellis was the executive producer. Episode directors include Joseph Scanlan, Rene Bonniere, Francis Chapman, and William Davidson. Sub-series includes sound elements, title elements, and promotional materials (including a “making of” featurette).

Sub-series includes the following titles:
Search for a New Home
Thunder & Lightning Birds
The Bellinis
The Long Return
Whirlwind Voice
Test for the Tanners
A Call to Arms
Devil's Gorge
The Mast
Fiddle Joe & the Devil Himself
The School Teacher
Barnabas Bletcher
Wolf Howl at Kennebec Cliff
Ceremony at Whispering Pines
Wilderness Photographer
Sport of Kings
Skiba the Bear
Harry Alfred Teasdale Rides Again (Part 1)
Harry Alfred Teasdale Rides Again (Part 2)
Frontier Justice
A Woman's Place
The Actress
Mystery of the Pikes
The Highlanders
Wagon Train West
The Ghost of Pocomoonshine Swamp

Stephen Ellis

Mother Nature

Sub-series consists of one episode of the television series Mother Nature. Produced by Ralph C. Ellis and Kip Spidell, with Stephen Ellis as Executive Producer. Mother Nature was made in association with TLC and CFCN Television. Series 1 ran for 14 episodes in 1992. A second series of 28 episodes ran in 1997.
Titles in the sub-series include:
Tales of the Hawk

Stephen Ellis

Patrick Carey

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  • File
  • 1963 - 1984
  • Part of Stephen Ellis Fonds

File consists of materials related to filmmaker Patrick (Paddy) Carey (1916-1994). Born in England and raised in Ireland, Carey moved to Canada in 1957 to work for the National Film Board. , A noted cinematographer, Carey also directed several films in Canada, Ireland, and internationally. Carey was the subject of the Profiles of Nature episode Poet of the Landscape (1991, Specials III, Episode 4). The films in this file were likely used as source material for that episode.

Titles in the file include:
Sky (1963, John Feeney, Canada)
Yeats Country (1965, Patrick Carey, Ireland)
Mists of Time (1968, Patrick Carey, Ireland)
Errigal (1970, Patrick Carey, Ireland)
Oisin (1970, Patrick Carey, Ireland)
Waves (1973, Patrick Carey, Ireland)
Reflections - Ireland (1977, Patrick Carey, Ireland)
Flamingo - Variations On A Theme (1978, Patrick Carey, Ireland)
Beara (1979, Patrick Carey, Ireland)
Algonquin Trilogy: Part 1: Introdus (Winter to Spring) (1984, Patrick Carey, Canada/Ireland)
Algonquin Trilogy: Part 2: Algonquin Voices (Summer) (1984, Patrick Carey, Canada/Ireland)
Algonquin Trilogy: Part 3: Exodus (Summer to Winter) (1984, Patrick Carey, Canada/Ireland)

Stephen Ellis

Profiles of Nature

Sub-series contains material related to the Profiles of Nature television program, including promotional materials. Profiles of Nature ran for 104 half-hour and 84 one-hour episodes, as series and as specials, from 1984-2005. Produced independently by KEG Productions in association with CFCN-TV Calgary, it was pre-sold to Global TV (CFCN-TV Calgary), TVOntario, and multiple independent stations in Canada. It was sold to PBS in the United States through Ellis’ American distributor Devillier-Donegan Enterprises, and then to other international markets. Narrated by Neil Dainard.

Sub-series includes a file containing films related to filmmaker Patrick (Paddy) Carey, the subject of an episode of Profiles of Nature.

Sub-series also contains Modern Day Voyageurs, which provided source material for Man of the Wilderness.

Sub-series includes the following titles:

Series I (1984):
The Hooded Seal
The Loon
Mountain Goats
The Grey Seals of Sable Island
Birds of the Arctic Tundra
Polar Bears
The Herring Gull
Bighorn Sheep
Life in a Pond
The Beaver
The Waterfowl Art of M. Reece
The Great Gray Owl
The Cougar
The Great Blue Heron
R. Hermes, Nature Cinematographer
The Marsh
The Vancouver Island Marmot
The Great Horned Owl
The Red-Throated Loon
The Greater Sandhill Crane
The Coot
Ron Parker, Wildlife Artist

Series II (1985):
The Woodland Moose
The Harp Seal
Grizzly Bears
The Muskox
The Common Eider
The Bison
The Bald Eagles
Elephant Seals
The Elk
The Grouse Family
The Black Bear
The Water Raiders
The White-Tailed Deer
Bird Island
Birds in the Winter
Ground Squirrels
The Canada Goose
Return of the Sea Otter
W&M Berlet, Nature Cinematographer
The World of Plants
(No material for episodes: The Red-Tailed Hawk or Woodpeckers).

Series III (1986):
The Trumpeter Swan
Animals with Antlers
Tree Squirrels
Rosate Spoonbill
World of Mountain
Orca & Manatee
Arctic Nursery
(No material for episodes: Growing with Nature; World of the Bog; The Pronghorn; The Wonder of Migration; or Hawks).

Series IV (1992):
(No material for episodes: At Home Underwater; Return of the Trumpeter; Captured on Canvas; In Search of the Howler Monkey; The Wood Duck; Penguins, Dolphins & Killer Whales; Predators of Hawk Cliff; Mountain Safari; Wildlife in the Backyard; A Brush with the Polar Bear; Inhabitants of a Hidden World; The Magic of Flight; or Experiencing Nature).

Series V (1994):
World of the Badlands
(No material for episodes: The Invisible Zoo; The Moose of Algonquin; The Magic of Wildlife Photography; The Day the Orcas Returned; Winged Predators of the Forest; The Rise and Fall of Minesing Swamp; Why do Animals Act that Way?; The World of the Cecropia Moth; Freshwater Jungle; Arctic Journeys; Rainforest of the Pacific Northwest; or Working for Wildlife).

Series VI (1994):
(No material for episodes: Rainforests of Southeast Asia; Seasons of the Deer; Microscopic Wilderness; The Butterfly Man; The Masked Bandit; Iceland - Coastal Wings; Arctic Sanctuary
Rattlesnake Sanctuary; Myvatn - Ecology of a Lake; Urban Wilderness; A Passion for Nature; The Big E; or Summer on the Treeline).

Specials I (1987):
Baby Animals
Animal Aliens
(No material for episodes: Camera in the Wilderness; In Search of the Hawk; or Nature in Close-Up).

Specials II (1990):
Baby Animals II
Unpredictable Prairie
From Pacific Rim to Serengeti
Spirit of the Wilderness
(No material for episodes: Wilderness Magic; Naturalist with a Camera; Bird Watcher's Paradise; Man of the Wilderness; or Around the Inland Sea).

Specials III (1991):
In Praise of Wolves
Emperor of the Eastern Woodlands
Poet of the Landscape
Journey to Brazoria
Polar Bridge
From Muleshoe to Galveston
North to the Arctic Tundra
A Hundred Years of Algonquin
(No material for episodes: Treasure of the Madera Canyon or A Passion for Canoes).

Specials IV (1993):
(No material for episode: Rediscovering the Natural World).

Specials V (1996):
(No material for episodes: Wilderness New Year; Snow White Killers of the Arctic; Crowned Heads of the Wilderness; or The Wonder of Baby Animals).

Specials VI (1997):
The Last Jungles in Africa
(No material for episodes: Gator; The Wild Pacific Northwest; Mysterious Marsh; Animals of the Rocky Mountains; Life on the Edge; Beauties and the Beastlies; Camouflage; Claws; Bear Attack; or The Magic of Baby Animals).

Specials VII (1999):
(No material for episodes: Vipers - Marvels of Evolution or Echoes of the Carolinian Forest).

Specials VIII (1999):
(No material for episodes: Fiery Phantom - The Red Fox; Deadly Spingsters - A Spider's World; Whitetail Deer - Woodland Survivors; Bear Attack - Encountering Grizzlies; Beluga - Spirit of the Deep; or Wolves of North America).

Specials IX (2000):
(No material for episodes: Secrets of the Everglades; Bear Attack - Polar Bears; Frogs - Leaping Wizards; The Arctic - No Place to Hide; Tiny Perfect Predators - Mantids and Dragonflies; Defensive Ends - The Porcupine and the Skunk; Beavers - Dam It All Anyway; Lizards!; Polars Bears - Life on the Field of Bones; or The Opportune Raccoon).

Specials X (2001):
(No material for episodes: Wasps - The Sting's the Thing; Black Bears - Trouble Bruin; Turtles - The Shell Game; Moose - The Moody Monarch; Meet the Weasels; Vultures - The Carrion Gang; The Grizzly Connection; A Mountain Goat's Story; or Coyote - The Wily Vagabond).

Specials XI (2003):
(No material for episodes: Beach Wars; Tales of the Tarantula; The Bear Necessities; Gobblers; Animal Impersonators; The Awesome Opossum; All-Terrain Deer; Warriors of the Yukon; or Purrfect Predators).

Specials XII (2005):
(No material for episodes: The Scorpion's Tale; The Fast and the Furriest; Badgers: Dishing the Dirt; Wild Superpowers; Ambush: Fast Food; or Marsupial Mayhem).

Stephen Ellis

Ralph Ellis Estate

Series contains material related to the following titles:
An Evening With The Royal Ballet (1963, Anthony Havelock-Allan, Anthony Asquith, UK)
Cry of the Wild (1972, Bill Mason, Canada)

Series includes the following Sub-Series:
01.01: To The Wild Country

Stephen Ellis

Sports Miniatures

Sub-series consists of materials related to a series of 26 five-minute short films on skiing, Sports Miniatures, produced by Gerald Kedey’s Motion Picture Centre and sold by KEG Productions. The series was KEG’s first television production. Dan Gibson filmed the series on skis. Features noted Canadian alpine skier Ernie McCulloch (1926-1987).

Titles in the sub-series include:
Mostly Experts
Magic of McCullough
Skiing In Orbit
The Slalom

Stephen Ellis

Stellis Media Inc.

Series contains materials related to Wings In The Wilderness (1975). 90-minute feature. Directed by Robert Ryan. Executive Producer Ralph C. Ellis. Narrated by Lorne Greene. Winner of Best Sound Recording in a Non-theatrical Film at the 1975 Canadian Film Awards. Original synopsis from Ellis Enterprises is available electronically. The same story was used previously as the basis for the 1971 CBC television special Dan Gibson’s Nature Family.

Series includes the following Sub-Series:
02.01 Audubon Wildlife Theatre
02.02 Wildlife Cinema
02.03 Ecology

Stephen Ellis

Stephen Ellis

Series includes material related to Now That April’s Here, a 1958 Canadian feature-film directed by William Davidson (later producer of Adventures in Rainbow Country and Matt & Jenny). The project was an early attempt to start a feature-film industry in Toronto independent of the CBC and NFB. Based on work by Morley Callaghan, shot on the streets of Toronto, and narrated by Raymond Massey. Criticized in Variety for its “amateur acting standards and limited prospect,” the film was a financial failure.

Series also contains material related to the following unproduced KEG projects:
Mayor of Utt
Rusty The Red Squirrel
Living Wild

Series includes the following Sub-Series:
03.01 Wild Canada
03.02 Profiles of Nature
03.03 Matt & Jenny
03.04 Adventures in Rainbow County
03.05 Fishing In Northern Ontario
03.06 The Baby Human
03.07 Mother Nature
03.08 Wild Guess
03.09 Tales of the Unexpected
03.10 Ingmar Bergman Features
03.11 Distribution Features
03.12 World of Survival = Survival
03.13 Sports Miniatures
03.14 Thin Ice / Survival
03.15 Laurence Olivier Presents: The Best Play of the Year 19--
03.16 Dan Gibson’s Nature Family
03.17 The Man Who Loved Birds
03.18 Images of Galapagos
03.19 The Tube

Stephen Ellis

Stephen Ellis Fonds

Fonds consists of prints and elements for films produced by Ralph C. Ellis and Stephen Ellis, as well as prints and related material for films they distributed.

Fonds includes the following Series:
Series 01: Ralph Ellis Estate
Series 02: Stellis Media Inc.
Series 03: Stephen Ellis

Stephen Ellis

Tales of the Unexpected

Sub-series consists of episodes of the television series Tales of the Unexpected (1979-1988, UK).

Titles in the sub-series include:
Fat Chance (1980, John Gorrie)
Back For Christmas (1980, Giles Foster)
The Best of Everything (1981, John Bruce)
Never Speak Ill of the Dead (1981, John Gorrie)

Stephen Ellis

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